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The all new NFT / PFP minting software, giving minters complete control
over the way they customize their art with freedom of expression.

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Customizable NFT/PFP solution

The minting process is confusing, and expensive. FORGE helps by simplifying
the tech, while you focus on community and marketing.

NFT Projects

Want to give your minters a more customizable and beautiful minting experience then traditional lottery style?

  • Mint count and date control
  • Character and asset management
  • Advanced sales and mint reporting
  • No engineers needed
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Marketplace & Launchpads

Are you an NFT Marketplace or Launchpad, and looking to give NFT projects an additional option to do their mint?

  • Marketplace software integration
  • Dedicated developer support
  • Complete visibility through dashboard
  • Whitelabeled solution available
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Gaming & Metaverse

Is your project a game or metaverse experience and you’re looking to integrate a stunning PFP avatar builder?

  • Interface to build PFP Avatar
  • Export direct to 3D asset filetypes
  • Rotatable avatar options available
  • Developer support
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Trait and accessory

No longer let software randomly and unexpectingly control your accessories. Upload your graphics and use your dashboard to control their total count and rarities.

Simply the most beautiful
minting experience

Let the minter decide what traits they want on their NFT, with simply the most
stunning Web3 NFT builder available.

Minters love it

The minters consistently give the builder a 10/10 rating for ease-of-use, user experience, and the overall look and feel of Forge.

Help build a happy community from day 1 of minting, by giving your minters complete control over their NFT art.

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Cross-chain compatible

The first NFT / PFP minting software that can launch to the chain best
suited to your project.

Flexible payment options

Making it easier to sell your NFTs to anyone, by
giving your minters the option to purchase, not
only via crypto, but also via credit card.

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Latest Project Launch

Black Santa is a world of characters telling contemporary stories that reflect cultural change to inspire future generations. Black Santa is the first character in the digital collectable series. His mission is to celebrate diversity, the joy of giving and the magic of good. Created by 2-time NBA all-star, Baron Davis, Black Santa was created to guide children into a magical world of untold possibilities. It’s a world filled with enchantment, adventure, and positive characters of color.

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